Climate Change
Environment & Nature Conservation

Climate change remains one of the greatest threats to humanity and the planet as a whole. The main cause of the shifts in climatic conditions has been identified as environmental degradation resulting from pollution and land use. In essence climate change is an existential crisis not only for the human race but for a wide variety of plant and animal species.

Partnership for the goals.

Environment, Climate change, Natural Capital

Biodiversity is a key measure of the health of any ecosystem, and of our entire planet. It is the sum total of the interdependence between all life forms and the conditions needed to sustain life.

Let's make public nature, private interest. We will be tackling the main problem that people don’t get involved in public problems. Individualism has become a trend. Small actions and individual actions together do bigger changes for all of us.

Climate Change Act 2016

On the global stage the climate change agenda remains a divisive issue with World Governments having initially appended to the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 2016.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Climate Change continues to have a negative impact on economic activity more so in sub-Saharan Africa whose economies are largely dependent on Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.

Social Perspective

A. Social: From a social perspective the environment is an emotive issue depending on the varied interest of each community and stakeholder.

Why biodiversity matters

Economy, Life-Support, Development

Understanding biodiversity, and why it matters is very important; the complexity of views about biodiversity is caused by the variety of interactions with it.

Companies, Individuals & NGOs.

A single person,company or organization. It's part of a family and it's part of a community, small actions, individual actions do bigger changes for all of us.

Ask yourself this?

When we talk about sustainability we talk about Planet and that is indirectly and directly a pledge for redefining value. Are you able to tell by profits today whether your company still exist in 5 years time? You cant. And what about the ecosystem you operate in? Will that be there? What will change? How can I decrease risks, what's my responsibility, how do I Innovate...

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